Alphabet Academy Curriculum

Your child’s preschool experience is designed to help the children achieve all their developmental milestones: physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Our method of teaching is simple: Children learn through play. We believe each child is an individual and progress at their own pace. We strive to build a strong and broad foundation for your child’s future success as a student.

We know that communication between parents and teachers is vital to your child’s happiness at Alphabet Academy. It builds mutual understanding and cooperation. Therefore, you will receive a monthly calendar and newsletter that are designed to inform you about what’s going on in our school.

Consistency is a vital part of your child’s day. We follow a daily schedule so that the children become familiar and comfortable with the routine of their day.

In addition, you will receive two progress reports during the course of the school year. The progress reports are age appropriate and will give you an idea of your child’s progress.