Your child’s Alphabet Academy experience is designed to develop basic concepts, attitudes, and skills and capitalize on each child’s ability to create. Our method of teaching is “Children learn through play.” Our priority is to develop self-esteem and self-confidence in each child. We strive to build a strong foundation for your child to succeed. We believe each child is an individual who progresses at his or her own pace. We focus upon these essential skills: socialization, independence, creativity, language development, manual dexterity, eye/hand coordination, large and small motor skills, conceptual development, letter, shape, number, and color recognition, math and reading readiness, and an introduction to science and social studies.

We believe communication between parents and teachers is vital to your child’s happiness at Alphabet Academy. It builds mutual understanding and cooperation. You will receive a monthly calendar and newsletter which are designed to keep you informed. You will also receive two progress reports during the school year. The reports are age appropriate and will inform you of your child’s skill levels.

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